What is the Biomagnetic Pair
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¿Qué es el Par Biomagnético® o Biomagnetismo Medico®?


El Par Biomagnético® y Biomagnetismo Medico® es un sistema terapéutico desarrollado por el Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán a partir de 1988; en el que utiliza imanes para tratar parásitos, bacterias, hongos y virus que son la causa de diversas enfermedades.

El Biomagnetismo es compatible con cualquier otra forma de terapia (homeopatía, naturopatía, Flores de Bach, Reiki, etc.) y también puede utilizarse simultáneamente con tratamientos alopáticos tradicionales. 

El Par Biomagnético® supone la comunicación con la sabiduría corporal para determinar, a través de un diálogo binario (extensión-contracción) entre terapeuta y células corporales, la región biomagnética que se encuentre en estado disfuncional y que ha sido invadida por elementos patógenos.

A partir de esto, los campos irregulares pueden ayudar a modificarse por medio de imanes para restablecer el equilibrio tanto Biomagnético (frecuencias celulares) como bioquímico (PH, neurotransmisores, neuroreguladores, hormonas, enzimas).

La Terapia de Biomagnetismo no es un sustituto de la consulta medica, evaluación o tratamiento.



Biomagnetism is a therapeutic system developed by Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán starting out in 1988; it uses strong magnets to fight parasites, bacteria, fungi, viruses and other germs that cause various diseases.

The system consists of the recognition of altered energy points in the human organism that together provoke diseases.

This recognition is done with passive magnets (not electrified or connected to electronic machines), that are applied to different areas of the human body to act like Biomagnetic tracks or scan.

Once theses have been recognised and confirmed in their energetic potential - which corresponds to organs and tissues that suffer distortion-, the therapist applies a set of magnets to these zones for 10 to 15 minutes on each person and they are generally applied simultaneously.
The illness in the organ or tissue is localised in the imbalance between the positive and negative charges.

If the alteration is corrected, the problem gets better, and goes back to the point of equilibrium.

That is what Biomagnetism does, thanks to its force or polarity energy; negative polarity is able to impact a similar pathological charge, which it annuls on contact with the positive charge.
Biomagnetism is compatible with any other type of therapy (homeopathy, allopathic, naturopathy, Bach flowers, Reiki, etc.) which can also be used simultaneously with traditional allopathic treatments (allopathic).


Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán:


  • * Physiotherapist 1964
  • * Surgeon 1984
  • * Member of the Academy of Traditional Medicine, A.C., Mexico, Federal District, 1990
  • * Managing Director and Founder of the Research Centre of Medical Biomagnetism, S.C. 1994
  • * Managing Director and Founder of Alternative Medicines and Rehabilitation, S.A. de C:V. 1994
  • *National Award of the “Martin de la Cruz" Academy of Traditional Medicine, A.C., Mexico 1997
  • *Doctor in Bioenergetics Medicine, Oxford International University, England. 1999
  • *Member of the New York Academy of Sciences, USA 2000
  • *Professor in the Area of Medical Sciences of the National University of Loja, Republic of Ecuador, 2002
  • *Instructor of the "Biomagnetic Pair" Diploma at the Autonomous University of Chapingo
  • *Academy of geography and statistics of Mexico "Tlamatini" 2006





Bibliografía Par Biomagnetico
Qué es el Par Biomagnetico

The Biomagnetic Pair


First book that included the thesis that Doctor Isaac Goiz Durán presented to the Oxford International University, with which he was awarded the degree of "Doctor of Philosophy in Bioenergetic Medicine" on the 2nd of September 1999.




AIDS is curable


Revealing explanations about the mysteries of this scourge. Undoubtedly the most controversial book from the last century, judge this revealing theory for yourself, in spite of the adversity of this book, it is in your hands and the story continues to be written.




The tumour phenomenon


Orthodox concepts do not allow us to know about the physiopathology of the tumour phenomenon and only gives us information; in an isolated way, about the physical, chemical and biological events that happen inside and outside the cell but not about the associated pathogen mechanism that culminates with the genetic alteration of the cellular nuclei and its tumour manifestations.
 The present work of Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán allows us to understand the ethnology of the tumour phenomenon and therefore its clinical manifestations.






Healing Experiences 2005


Healing testimonials are shown for different illnesses and medical grounds by those who practice this great therapeutic technique which is authentically Mexican, which means it can be accessed by a population with scarce economic resources, it is efficient and adequate for our socio-economic reality, because it does not require a large investment in medicines or technological instruments,
it is a great hope for the health of society’s most underprivileged classes.
2 Volumes.



Healing Experiences 2006


The present work is the result of training acquired in the Diploma of Biomagnetic Pair, Medical Biomagnetism and Bioenergetics given at the university by Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán, and it is also the product of academic and clinical practice sustained in the context of accrediting this Diploma.

The themes, theoretical elements and strategies used to solve cases put forward are now presented in this work with the aim of gathering the experiences together and contributing to the strengthening of the academic approach to Pair Biomagnetics held by the illustrious Mexican doctor, Isaac Goiz Durán.

2 Volumes



Healing Experiences  2007


This present work is the product of arduous training and skills acquirement by the illustrious Mexican doctor, it is presented by his students in writing to fulfil one of the requirements in the accreditation of the "Pair Biomagnetic" Diploma, given by the Mexican doctor, Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán,  who, in his noble and nationalist efforts, looks to start a multiplying effect of his knowledge so that, for those who share his vision, work in benefit of all those who want to preserve their health or recuperate it.
2 Volumes